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BWCC postcard - new design June-1
BWCC postcard - new design June-2a
Photo Contest Winner in Action - Angel Guedez
Izebella Braving Rio Negro, Costa Rica
Photo Contest Winner in Camping - Allison Ireland
"Secure Shelter" Yukon River 2021
Photo Contest Winner in People - Tom Jacklin
Steve Cook and Joseph Tito, "Sleepers", North Fork Milk River
Photo Contest Winner in Humour - Tom Jacklin
Canoe in a Canoe
Photo Contest Winner in Wildlife - Allison Ireland
“Esox lucius ( Northern Pike), Too small to keep" In Blackett Lake, AB

Photo Contest Winner in Family - Laura Rider
Angel, Renata and the kids at the 2021 Red Deer river multi day trip
Photo Contest Winner in Scenery - Tom Jacklin
Tanya White, Bow Lake
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The Bow Waters Canoe Club

50 years of BWCCGet Your Bow Waters Canoe Club 50th Anniversary Swag!

The Bow Waters Canoe Club in Calgary, Alberta is a recreational paddling club whose mission is to promote and support recreational paddling by providing educational and social opportunities in an environmentally conscious manner to all interested people.

Our paddling season for canoeing and kayaking in Alberta is typically from March to September however we have some active members paddling year round.  Come join us at our club socials on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm to find out more; check the event calendar to see our schedule.  You will meet some great people who love the outdoors and have plenty of stories and knowledge to share.  There will also be a presentation of based on some of our member’s adventures over the last few years.  We hope to see you all there!

If you’re not already a member sign up by clicking the “Join the Club” button at the top of the page or by clicking on the button below.

View Videos From Some of the Rivers We Paddle!


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