Trip Coordinator Name(s): Laura Rider and Roger Triebwasser

Date of Trip: May 26, 2019

River Reach: Entered at the boat launch next to the South Glenmore park.

River Difficulty Level: Novice

Water Level: Low

# of Adults: 3

# of Minors: 0

# of Guests: 1

Rescues(aka Swims)?: 0


Wonderful day for a paddle, lots of laughter and shared snacks.
This is the lowest we all have seen this water at. Reeds were showing. It was the first time to really experience a current which was found on a bend.

Had a novice paddler - guest in Laura's canoe who looks forward to learning more about the cross bow cut, ferrying and moving within a canoe (stability and balance).

Wildlife - we believe was a muskrat or a small beaver. Plus the head of a cow, no wait it is a golden retriever, no is laying down....let's go check it out...nope it was a log nicely shaped and colored to look the figure of an animal.

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