About Us

Bow Waters Canoe Club in Calgary, Alberta has been in operation as a non-profit organization since 1972.  We have a long history of canoeing in Alberta and our mission has remained close to our hearts, to promote and support recreational canoe and kayak paddling by providing educational and social opportunities in an environmentally conscious manner to all interested people.


From the club’s beginning in 1972 there were 27 active members and today we stand over 150 plus members strong.  Year over year we welcome new members to our Calgary, Alberta canoe club and are eager to have more people enjoying our beautiful backyard.  Our focus is delivering a hassle free way of paddling down rivers of various skill levels and offering courses to improve skills and safety in the outdoors, especially on our rivers and lakes.  Our club has grown from being canoe focused to now having a large kayak, paddle board and other water sport member base.  Our focus being getting out on the water!

We manage our operations with the volunteer time of our board of directors, member event volunteering and seek continuous input from all our members.  We have four (4) member reps as the voice of our members on our board and hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November and a Special Annual General Meeting (SAGM) in April so that everyone has an opportunity to participate.

We can’t wait to see you all at a club social and more importantly on the water!


BWCC Board