Trip Coordinator Name(s): Les Horvath

Date of Trip: July 4, 2021

River Reach: Longview to Hogg Park

River Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Water Level: Medium

# of Adults:

# of Minors:

# of Guests:

Rescues(aka Swims)?:


The water flow was 18 cms and seven people joined the trip in kayaks, solo canoe and tandems. The weather was 18 degrees Celsius which made for a nice cooler day. The river features many good gradual gradient sections creating fun Class II rapids with long wave train sections requiring bailing stops or dumping canoes. We had fun action reading on the run while rock dodging, surfing and picking channels. There is one boulder section about an hour downstream from the put in that requires scouting. It is run able with strong intermediate skills to avoid boulder collisions after the initial drop, one kayak did the run and made it look easy, the others lined around or ran a short section on RR and then took out to cross across the boulders that separated the right channel from the main channel and put back into the main channel and ran the section out and onward. No winds, but we had a little rain near the end of the trip. No river hazards or log jams to speak of, there is no log jams on the river only on the river banks.
Look out for eagles and osprey as well as nests.

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