Trip Coordinator Name(s): Evan Jones

Date of Trip: July 4, 2020, July 5, 2020

River Reach: Saskatchewan River Crossing to Preachers Point on July 4 and Ramparts Creek to Saskatchewan River Crossing on July 5

River Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Water Level: High

# of Adults: 4

# of Minors: 0

# of Guests:

Rescues(aka Swims)?:


Whirlpool Point was reading 182 the afternoon of July 3. It rained that night. Used put in point (steep entrance off Hwy 93) on SE side of bridge after scoping the Whirlpool. Cool cloudy day, no rain and mild westerly wind. Easy paddling up until 1 km before Whirlpool when flow became more concentrated and pushy. Some strong eddies and swirls from Whirlpool onwards. Our average speed was 10km hr. Five hours to do this 35km leg including lunch break.
Next day we left a vehicle at pull off car park on SW (upstream) side of bridge and drove to Ramparts Creek. Put in at extreme S end of campground. Beautiful warm day, Fast flow but mellow river had to watch for correct channel. 45 minutes to do 7km to Arctomy's creek. Our estimate of 30 minutes from there to portage start was bang on. Portage is easily visible with large STOP sign. Took an hour and a half to move all 3 boats Wheels helped. One boat did the short paddle between portages. It was only another half hour from when we put in again. Slow water most of the way. Pulled out on small beach upstream of beach and lined down a small channel to vehicles. 17km, 4 1/2 hrs including 1/2 hour lunch break.
We camped both nights at Two o;clock campground (first come first served) near Preachers Point. Nice site. It has a number of walk-in sites. There is a lot of random camping in the area. All heavily used this long weekend.

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