Trip Coordinator Name(s): Stewart Nichols

Date of Trip: July 1, 2017

River Reach: Three sections paddled; Town of Milk River to Goldsprings Park, Goldsprings to Coffin Bridge, Coffin Bridge to Wier Bridge

River Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Water Level: Medium

# of Adults: 24

# of Minors: 5

# of Guests: 3

Rescues(aka Swims)?: 1 swim Kayak midpoint on 3rd leg, 1 Swim Canoe at Weir Bridge takeout


Three fantastic days of paddling. Sunny, Warm and minimal wind (which can be bad on the last stretch)
Kids trip day 1 with lots of feature play just down from Town of Milk River
Pot luck and balloon fight on the Saturday evening
Great day at Poverty Rock, petroglyphs and short hikes. Plenty of swimming to keep cool.
Some just came for the great camping
Amazing trip.

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