Trip Coordinator Name(s): Evan Jones, Tina Barzo, Mark Taylor, Colin Zantinge, Tom Jacklin

Date of Trip: July 7, 2023, July 8, 2023, July 9, 2023

River Reach: Upper Kananaskis, lower Kananaskis, Castle to Redearth Creek, Dead Man's to Seebe

River Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Water Level: Medium

# of Adults: 28

# of Minors: 8

# of Guests:

Rescues(aka Swims)?:


For the second weekend in a row, a blowout weekend for Bow Waters. 23 campers on Friday and 36 on Saturday night, plus about 20 each night from Waterwerks Kayak Club. Several others attended for the day on Saturday and Sunday. The traditional pot luck included the entire group from BWCC and Waterwerks, and everyone declared it a great success. After dinner, Mark Taylor led a spirited throw bag session followed by Z drag practicals. Most of us need to do this more often! The warm glow continued around the fire till late. Thanks to Tom for bringing extra firewood.
Lots of paddling was done. On Saturday a Castle to Redearth Creek intermediate run and a Dead Man's to Seebe novice run, a huge group on the lower Kan under the direction of Tina, an upper Kan group directed by Colin and an afternoon upper Kan instructional run with 8 participants guided by Mark Taylor. On Sunday we had 3 groups totalling about 18 boats on the lower Kan and a couple of smaller groups on the upper.
Most of us left the campground before the hailstorm. Great Weather, amazing venue, positive vibes. It made me feel proud to be a member of this Bow Waters paddling community. Many thanks to fellow organizers, Tina and Mark and to all participants for your friendship and enthusiasm. Evan Jones

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