Trip Coordinator Name(s): Les Horvath

Date of Trip: June 17, 2023

River Reach: Longview to Hogg Park

River Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Water Level: Low

# of Adults:

# of Minors:

# of Guests:

Rescues(aka Swims)?:


Difficulty: Intermediate, 14 cms flow
I picked up one new member who had no transportation and drove her back home after the trip.
It was 21 degrees for the high mostly sunny with odd clouds and the threat of a thunderstorm which missed us. There were six people: 2 tandems, 2 kayaks. Everyone was on time at the meet up location. The shuttle left at 10:15 to the takeout and returned to the put in with one vehicle carrying the drivers back.
There were two new members to the club that very recently signed up and ran this reach for the first time.
Trip started at 11:00 and reviewed the pre-trip Safety and river features discussion etc. we had nice wave trains, surfing, eddies and a couple of ledges to have fun on with the addition of a gradual gradient along this reach.
12:30 lunch and back on the river at 1:15, scouted the broken ledge just below the lunch spot and we all ran the ledge successfully. We see eagles, osprey, Eastern King birds and mergansers with ducklings along the way. We all enjoyed time surfing, running big Class II waves and rock dodging. This group was very skilled, and a fun time had by all.
The trip ending at 4:00 p.m. and I loaded the new members kayak on my Jeep and drove her home. The shuttle from the take-out back to the put in started at 5:00 p.m. One member drove another back to the put in along with their kayak.

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