Trip Coordinator Name(s): Marie Weingartshofer

Date of Trip: July 18, 2021

River Reach: Ogden boat launch to Fish Creek boat launch

River Difficulty Level: Novice

Water Level: Medium

# of Adults: 7

# of Minors: 0

# of Guests:

Rescues(aka Swims)?:


There were 7 adults (5 members and 2 guests) and 1 puppy with 3 tandem boats and 1 solo. Total time on the river was 4 hours including lunch and 2 stretch breaks. We were moving at an average speed of 7.4 km/hr. Lunch stop was at the Quarry Park Fire Department boat launch. Instead of starting at Graves Landing we put in at the new Ogden Road boat launch. This is located on Ogden Road SE immediately south of the bridge across the river. Access is not possible from Ogden Road SE northbound so make a U-turn to come back south. There is no signage but it is the first right after the bridge. Shuttle time was 45 minutes. It took 25 minutes to paddle from the Ogden boat launch to Graves Landing Bridge. The highlight of the trip was the channel through Mallard Point where we pulled out on a beach for a break. It was smokey but not overwhelming. Water was medium to high at 156 cms.

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