Trip Coordinator Name(s): Pat Mahaffey

Date of Trip: July 13, 2019

River Reach: Elbow River: Sandy Beach to Inglewood

River Difficulty Level: Novice

Water Level: High

# of Adults: 12

# of Minors:

# of Guests: 9

Rescues(aka Swims)?:


This was the annual Stampede Fireworks trip, and it was excellent -- paddling in the dark and drifting past the Stamped midway. We decorated our boats with lights, which attracted the attention of many people along the riverbanks. The water level was fairly high, as expected during the Stampede. We started paddling about 9 pm, so most of the trip was in increasing darkness, which made it difficult to read the river.
We watched the fireworks at 11.15 pm from the east side of the Stampede Grounds below Scotsman's Hill. I recommend stopping at that location to watch, because the fireworks are very close and spread out. Stopping farther upstream, or downstream at Fort Calgary, would give a inferior view.
(PS. there should be a way to attach photos to these reports!)

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