Trip Coordinator Name(s): Laura Rider

Date of Trip: April 30, 2022

River Reach: Graves Landing to Fish Creek

River Difficulty Level: Novice

Water Level: Low

# of Adults: 12

# of Minors: 0

# of Guests:

Rescues(aka Swims)?:


Breakfast was served at Phils Pancake house near the clubhouse. 12 people attended, included past president from 1974, Jim Barker. Others were: Pat Mahaffey, Mike, Hart, Nadine Rider, Mitch Wilson , Debbie, Angel Guedez, new member Joy Fulhiker, Rick and Debbie Vopel, Les Horvath, Mariie Weingartshofer and of course Laura Rider (President). Club members received $10 from the club to pay for their meal, another great benefit from memberships. Great stories and time spent!!

Paddlers were: Laura & Mike, Rick & Joy, Angel & Pat all in tandem canoes and Debbie in her new kayak. A very good day with both activities, the weather held out for us. Water level was low but passable in most spots. Larger waves usually available did not exist this time.

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