Trip Coordinator Name(s): Heike Pauli/Pat Mahaffey

Date of Trip: July 23, 2023

River Reach: Elbow River from Sandy Beach to 12 Street SE bridge

River Difficulty Level: Novice

Water Level: Low

# of Adults: 4

# of Minors: 0

# of Guests:

Rescues(aka Swims)?:


1 solo canoe, 1 tandem canoe and 1 inflatable kayak.
Hot weather with an 11:30am paddle start due to car shuffle and crazy busy parking lots. Water levels partially ok, some areas fairly low. Lots of people on and by the river.
Need to do a better job at gauging what boats people paddle in and also a better safety briefing.
Had lots of fun, Pat's a great resource and co-coordinator, even though the canoe leaked 🙂

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